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Descendants of Joel WEED


1. Joel WEED

Information from Bob P Weed, Fort Worth, TX, February 1995.
information from Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,
information sent
to church by Malcolm L Dow, 2516 11th St, Port Neches, TX.
Actual proof of parentage of Benjamin & Hannah found on Certificate of Baptism, St Martin De Tours, St Martinville, Louisiana 7052-0010, for Jesse Abshire b 3 Jan 1816, son of Benjamin and Hannah WEED ABSHIRE, and child Lavinie Abshire b25 Sep 1803, both baptised 7 Apr 1816. On back of each certificate are the names of the grandparents on both sides. 14 Aug 2000.
Some info on the birthplace of Joseph states he was born in Conneticut.
Vol 1, Southwest Louisiana Records, by D J Hebert, states the records are from St Martins and Opelousa Church, on their marriage.
I am totally convinced the Joel/Joseph Wade/Weed I have found in the census and other information from Louisiana and Mississippi are the same person, after researching the family for 20 years or so.
Have a copy of a law suit filed by Joel Weed in Adams Co., Mississippi. FHL film # 0893508, page 6. filed 8 June 1794.
Also have a list of debts due to Monsantos & Gilbert at Natchez, Mississippi, listing Joel Weed 21.0 dated 28 Mar 1791.List of debts due to Peter Walker, 28 Mar 1791 also lists Joel Weed 28.?. List of debts due to Maurice Stacpoole, Natchez, 1 January 1791and sums are apparently given in American currency, listing Joel Weed, $12, and an Exact list of debts due Alexander Moore from 1 Jan 1791, and this lists a James Wade, Many of the records from the church spell the last name in various ways, Wade being one of them. all this information from a copy of the book 'THE NATCHEZ LEDGERS, 1790-1791' by Winston De Ville.
FHL film # 1376478,Item 2 & 3, State Land Office, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Western District Territory of Orleans, Exhibit of Private Land Claims, p 35, has Claiment James Wade, original Claiment, James Wade, date 24 July1806, orginally surveyed 1799, St Tammany Parish, listed. Page 48 -Original Claiment James Wade, by whom claimed, John Merideth, 19th March 1797, 500 arpents, issued by G. de Lemas. Page 170 Name Mrs. Ratliff, orginal settler, Joel Weed, 1799, 300 arpents, Certificate # 171, 23 July 1824, surveyor, J.R. M......, date 1857., approved 26 March 1857, McCulloch. Page 175 John Ratliff, orginial owner Joel Weed,1810, 640 acres,, Certificate # 661, 20 June 1872.
Now have a copy of the book 'Anglo-Americans in Spanish Archives, by Lawrence H. Felldman. Joel Weed is listed numerous times in this book, ie; p 99 # 890 listed in Bayou Sarah 1799; p 120, # 740 1792, Second & Sandy Creek; p 145 # 548 In Natchez 1782; p 162 # 661 (Wide, Joel) 1787b; p 199 # 1398 & 1399 1792; & p 204 #86, 1799. This means that he was in Mississippi at these times. Also every time his name is listed it is as Joel, and in Louisiana it is always Joseph. they are one and the same person.
1792 Spanish census District of Second y Sandy Creek, p 127, Adams Co.,Joel Weed is listed with 1 male, 15-50 age, and one female 15-50 age, 3 horses, 16 cows, and 1 military ( number able to fight if needed. No weapons were listed for him.

Joel's place of birth is uncertain, but, according to DNA results of descendants, he is not even distantly connected to the WEEDs that immigrated to, and lived in the New England Colonies. Two records found say Carolina, but do not specify North or South. The christening records for his children never name his parents or say where he is from, but they do name Margaret Gwaltney's parent's and say that she is from Virginia.

10 Oct, 1794 estate of Benjamin Monsanto has Joel Weed listed as being in debt to Benjamin Monsanto, Natchez, MS

The continuing mysteries of Joel and Margaret (GWALTNEY) WEED.

Margaret had 4 children with Joel WEED, Hannah, Elizabeth, Benjamin and William. She appears to have been in Louisiana before William was born, married her second known husband at around the same time, William BOWERS from England. They had several children: Bridgette b. 1802/1803, Anna BOWERS md George RAYSTER, Josephine BOWERS md joseph schexnaider, and Abraham BOWERS b. 1810 died age 6 in 1816. William BOWERS died in 1811. Now things get interesting/confusing.... Margaret then had at least two more children, Margaret in 1812, christened in 1815, and the record specifically states that the Mother(Margaret GWALTNEY) WAS NOT MARRIED TO THE FATHER, a free mulatto man named Joseph COLLINS. Then in 1814/1815, Mary was born, no clue who her father was, could be COLLINS could be any one. Margaret is living with Mary in 1850 in St Landry Parish, LA. Say Wm G COLLINS for her name, should be Margaret, or Mrs William G COLLINS..... MRS makes more sense, will explain in a moment coming up, age 60 born MS. Mary and her older sister Margaret both married under the name of BOWERS, although children's christening records for them vary and sometimes say there maiden names were COLLINS as well.

OK, If William was born in Louisiana, and Elizabeth moved there when quite young, why did they both marry and or live in MS close to Joel? Hannah(the eldest) married in 1808, Benjamin was 16 in 1813, but Elizabeth and William especially were younger(William would have been about 12)/ minor female (Elizabeth would have been only 17.)

Joel WEED sold land in 1813 in Concordia County, LA to a William COLLINS(see 1850 census for for Margaret to understand where this is heading.) I firmly believe that at this time(same time as co-habitation of Margaret and William COLLINS?) That Joel took two of his four children back to Mississippi with him, to get them away from what he probably deemed a bad situation. He probably also either took Benjamin or tried to take him with him as well. If William COLLINS was mulatto, Margaret could not have legally married him, but I think it appears that they atleast lived together, and maybe the land sale was a deal for Joel to get the kids. Just speculation at this point, but it is the only thing that makes sense in this mess.


Information from Bob P Weed, Fort Worth, TX, February 1995.
information from Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints,
information sent
to church by Malcolm L Dow, 2516 11th St, Port Neches, TX.
Bob Weeds information states 4 children.
see notes for Joseph Weed for proof of parentage.
Information from SW Louisiana Church Records by Father Hebert has in one place that Margaret also married Joel Wade. It is my firm belief, after doing research on this family for over 20 years, that Joel and Joseph are one and the same person. Louisiana in the late 1700 wqas under Spanish and French control at different times, and as Joseph was american, it is hard to say how the Spanish or French heard the first name. The name Weed is spelled Wade, Wid and Weade in the church rcords.

1810 census Opelousas Parish, Louisiana

Thomas BOWERS 2 1 - - 1 2 - - 1

males 2 under 10 1 10-16 1 45 and above
females 2 under 10 1 45 and above

one of the under 10 males would most likely be William WEED, the other is unknown, the 10-16 male would be Benjamin WEED SR and the over 45 is Thomas.
one of the under 10 females is Bridgette BOWERS b. 1803 the other is Mary who married ephraim HOFFPAUIR , and the over 45 female would be Margaret (GWALTNEY) WEED/BOWERS

Margaret GWALTNEY b. 1810 daughter of Margaret GWALTNEY and a free mullato man named COLLINS This is the MArgaret(called Peggy) that married Thomas HOFFPAUIR, not the older MARGARET as some have claimed.

Margaret's place of birth on the christening records of her children says Virginia when listed, however on the 1850 census, it says Mississippi.

4. Elizabeth WEED

Information on the back Baptism certificate for Marguerite Alsine, gives the names of John Abshire and Jarry Hartgrave as parents of J. Benjamin Abshire. Joseph Wee(b) d & Peggy G(w)altney. Abshire Abstracts, June- July 1979, Fiche # 6047025 See notes on Joseph Weed for proof of parentage.Information of child from Tom Cain.
Information on baptism date from Southwest Louisiana Records, by D J Hebert, Vol 1 (1796-1810) p 792, states she was about 5 years old at the time.SM Ch v. 5 #211. This also gives fathers name as Joel.

Ephriam DRISUS

Information from Bobby P Weed, Ft Worth, Texas.Also information from on line data base from book by Jordan R Dodd, "Early American Marriages: Mississippi to 1825. Name on this source is spelled Drigus.
Book 'Mississippi Court Records' 1799-1835, compiled by J. Estelle Stewart King, lists Marriage of Elizabeth Weed to Ephiram Drigass, 1810.